{Fix**} Movie HD/Sky HD “no connection, retry ” Error|MegaBox HD App Error

“{Solved**}Movie HD/Sky HD or MegaBox HD No Connection, Retry Error ” :  Don’t you know developer’s of Movie HD and Sky HD Apps ? . These developer’s are developer’s of our favorite Movies App HD Cinema developer’s.  So, Obviously, our expectations should be high.

And after launching these app’s everything fine like HD cinema App. But after few days slowly everyone getting the errors like “Movie HD No Connection, Retry” or “Sky HD No connection”. So, here in this article, i want to give few tricks which are working fine for me.

But please note that this trick perfectly working for me on my iPhone 6S, But i am not sure about your devices. If this work’s then it will be ok. Or if know any other perfect solution to fix this No connection error in movie hd/Sky HD or MegaBox HD please do share with our blog readers.

{Fix*} Movie HD/Sky HD “No Connection, Retry Error ” | And Also in MegaBox HD App

Try following steps to your devices like android phones( Samsung Galaxy, HTC, MicroMax, Sony Xperia, Sony), iOS devices(iPhone(iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, 5S, iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus), iPad, iPad mini, Air 2/3/4), iPod Touch), iOS 9.2/9.1/8.4/8.3/9, Amazon Kindle Fie, Kodi, windows 10 or windows 8.1/7/XP/8 or on Mac Laptop/PC.  And provide your experiences in comments. So, that other user’s can understand steps easily.

Let’s dig inside the procedure:

  • After getting “No Connection, Retry” error, Just close your App(i.e Movie HD App, Sky HD App, MegaBox HD App Apk).
  • Go to phone settings section> >Next strike off wi-fi(i.e Wi-Fi Goes off)
  • Next Switch on your phone Air Plane mode.
  • Next Open your Movie HD App/Sky HD or MegaBox HD App. After that switch on your 3G connection.
  • That’s it. Your Movie HD App will be back again.  Enjoy the free online movies without not working scenarios.
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2nd Method Working : “{Solved**} Movie HD App No Connection Error or Sky HD App Not Connecting”

This process just installing Movie HD or Sky HD or MegaBox HD App using external installer. That is “MFTInstaller”.

  • If you get Connection error, Just uninstall your Movie HD/MegaBox HD.
  • Next Download MFTInstaller from below link.
  • Next search Movie HD App or Sky HD Apk in that installer. That’s it.
  • Your Movie HD App/MegaBox or Sky HD work’s Without any not working scenarios. (i.e No Connection, Not Updating, Not Working etc etc).

Hey guy’s are you done with procedure ?. And do share your experience on these procedure’s. If you have any doubt’s please do ask me in the comment’s. These two methods are perfectly working on my device to Fix Movie HD/Sky HD/MegaBox HD No Connection, Retry Error. Finally Thank you for reading this Article.

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